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25th-Sep-2012 01:56 pm - Client drama
Ive been trying not to seem desperate with this guy that ive finished an E-commerce website for.
he owes me the cash for the domain & webhosting too, i invoiced him again last night as a reminder.
He's been ignoring me and his PA ignores my calls, like I WANT MY FUCKING MONEY,YOU BITCHES.

sick and tired of this behaviour, there was a deadline and all, NOT ON. NOT-ON!

Oh yeah almost reaching 3k views on DA!, idk its exciting.

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21st-Sep-2012 10:53 pm - o hey!!
Freaking tumblr became so boring nowadays i cant even.
see what i mean? WHAT THE HECK DOES "I CANT EVEN" mean?, why do i even say this irl.
tumblr you ruined me.

oh look a kitten
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13th-Sep-2012 09:06 pm - Ehhh i feel like crappp
All i did was sleep today, im so tired and just ugh fldksjfdsfj meh mood you know.
shit thats happened these past 2 days.
i cant. I feel way too bad and upset about everything.

so i drew something to cheer myself up lol
New Cawwwnvas
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7th-Sep-2012 09:26 am - EHHHHHH
Dammit, im trying to buy a bamboo fun tablet off amazon, but im shit scared it wont make it through shipping coz of this fucked up country i live in. 
My friend invited me to her get together the other night, im really awkward in these situations, and i mean i love my friend and all but her other friends are a bunch of slags :/.
Anyway this one girl was like 18 and bragging about her being engaged to be married,i was like "so you have no life now, imagine when youre married LOL". Im such a party pooper.

I bought my copy of the Avengers with me, just in case things got rough, id charm them with Tom hiddleston, yeah there was me silently repeating everything and being giddy, and then they got bored as soon as Loki hit Furys Lab, and changed to breakfast at tiffanys. Inside i was like FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING CUNT. ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY IGNORE THE FUCKING AVENGERS. MOTHERFUCKING CUNT. Outside i was like oh...ehe ok.

i wish i had cool friends irl to hang with like, maybe some fandom lovers or something,im so tired of this shit. I dont fit in anywhere.:'( 

Here have some doodly poop

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17th-Aug-2012 02:48 pm - Woahhhh
my internet that is!.

have got to get around to uploading my doodles and graphics on tumblr ASAP, before the electricty dies again lol
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Me: Its uhm. Thor and Loki, together, in bed, Fucking.
Her: Excuse me?. They are brothers 
Me: Loki's Adopted.
Her:Would you have sex with your adopted brother?
Me: Idk...id be fucked if he looks like Tom Hiddleston though?
Her: Good thing we already broke fast, because you are going straight to hell.
Me: Haters gonna hate
Draco Manip
9th-Aug-2012 07:57 pm - Nope Nope
Ugh im so hungry!!. Also need to finish some cheebs.
New Caansvas
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9th-Aug-2012 07:49 pm - Welpppp
Just spent 2 days with no Electricity. This shit sucks ass.
plus its sooo hot. ;w;
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8th-Aug-2012 11:20 pm - Testing
wooot got me a brandnew LJ ;w;
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